Vincent the Dragon

I have never really been very interested in Amigurumi animals, but then one of my young grandsons was wishing he could have a pet dragon. Nanna said she will see what she can do. 😉 And I found this wonderful pattern for Vincent the Dragon by Hooked by Kati. I really did have tons of fun making this wonderful stuffed dragon for him for Christmas! I made the eyes instead of buying them. I crocheted two white circles and used a permanent black magic marker to draw on the pupils.

Rosebud Baby Blanket

Here’s a nice one just in time for the cool weather. Rosebud Baby Blanket by Carrie Carpenter. I used Caron Simply Soft in Teal Tourmaline and Yarn Bee Soft Secret in Pale Aqua for the border. They are both very soft. It measures approximately 3’x3′.

My sweet big George Bear is all snuggled into it this morning. He has been through several grand children as you can see with a button for one eye. :-0

Fun with Design

I have these lacy cami modesty panels that I have worn for years now whenever a dress or blouse is too low for my comfort. They are looking very worn, so I decided I would design my own crochet ones. I use small safety pins to attach them to my bra at the top and tuck the bottom into it. They are made with size 3 baby yarn for the most part. One is made with a bigger yarn and smaller hook (E instead of F). I think they turned out quite nice. It was great fun making different colors. I hope the pictures do them justice.

Patriotic Flag Afghan and Pillows

Whew! This was a huge project that took about 3 months to finish, working mostly in the evenings. These days it is so very sad to see what evil is doing in this great country of ours. I put my very heart into this project, for my great love for the United States of America as I prayed that people wake up so we can keep what this country was founded on and what it stands for, and that we will bring our great God Jehovah back to preeminence where He belongs.

II Chronicles  7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” Well, we know that the stage is being set for Christ’s church to be taken up and then the tribulation period and then He will end it all with just the Words of His mouth.

I found the afghan pattern here-All Free Crafts.”

The pillow pattern is here-Yarnspirations.

I used the same star pattern for the pillows that is on the afghan of course. And I used the the same Soft Navy Red Heart Super Saver yarn for the blue as well.

The afghan measures approximately 6’x4′ and the pillows are approximately 17″x17″.

I would have liked to enter this set in the fair this year, but like all other fun things, it was canceled because of this over-blown virus garbage. Well, maybe next year, huh. If I were to sell a set like this it would probably go for around $300.

Fun with Owls

My daughter loves owls. They really are awesome creatures. So I made her some owl coasters in a little nest and 2 owl potholders for a house-warming gift. I used a pattern from Amys Crochet Patterns.

I made adjustments to the pattern to make the potholders. Of course I changed what colors were used. I also made up my own pattern for a little nest for the coasters to fit in.


Face Masks and Hand Sanitizer Cover

So we all know what is happening in our world today and those who want or have to use face masks. I will not get into whether they work or not for protection from this virus. I will leave that up to each individual. I did have some requests to make masks, and I found this first one at 

As she explains her pattern is a cover for the medical masks. What I did was put a liner inside of the one I made. It is a rectangular mask. But I was not happy with how it puckered and peeked open on the ends. So I found this pattern for an oval one that I like much better at I sewed 2 layers of the material inside and left the right end open for any who want to put a mask filter inside.

And of course we all need a cover for our hand sanitizer, right? I use my small Young Living Thieves Spray instead of sanitizer. So I made the cover a little taller and added a loop to hook onto my purse. I love it. I found the pattern at TheCrochetCrowd 


Comfy Travel Neck Pillow

So I have several traumas in my back and neck from old injuries and if I am traveling or just reclining for my Sunday afternoon nap between church services ;-), my neck needs something to support it. I found this pattern at 

If you can see, it has a button and loop on the ends so you can hook it to slip over the handle of your suitcase while going through the airport.

Crochet Dog Harness

Okay my little Sugar gets very excitable about just about anything, but especially when we go on walks. She was pulling so hard on the leash attached to her collar around her neck that I was afraid of it hurting her to try and get her to stay with me. So I found this free pattern for a harness around her front legs and chest. She really like it a lot better and she even stays with me, and when she gets ahead a little all I have to do is gently tug on the leash and say “Sugar, wait,” and she turns and looks at me and slows down to stay with me. I am so glad I found this pattern at Luvs2Knit.

Ladies Crochet Cowls

I have a couple of free patterns I had found online and made some changes in yarn size, hook size, and beginning chain size to make them a little larger. They did turn out quite pretty I must say.

The first one was a gift for a friend. I had been working on this one for quite some time frogging it several times because it would not come out big enough to wear it like the picture showed. It is the Button Cowl found here.

I used the new yarn Premier Puzzle Size 5 and a J hook. I added my own border as well. This is how mine came out. And of course I had to make some gloves to go with it. I used different, smaller yarn for them. My friend loves both the cowl and the gloves. She can wear it several different ways.

Then there is this one. I had done it and taken it out as well. Pam’s Ombre Cowled Neckwarmer. I got the pattern here. I love how it looks in their picture, but it would not come out like that. But the pattern does say that it has not been tested.

So… Anyway, I ended up using the Premier Puzzle, Tangram size 5 on it as well and J hook on it. I made it with 124 beginning chains instead of 107 because the neck was way too tight. Also, the pattern says to do the chain in multiples of 3, plus 1. But then it has you going into every 4th chain. So I went into every 3rd chain and it worked better. I am thinking now that if I had done that and stuck with the 107 beginning chains it might look more like their picture. The length measures approximately 13″ from the neck down in the front and 12″ in the back, with it folded down. I like how it comes down over the shoulders a little. Sometimes we just have to play with some of the ‘free’ patterns we find, but that’s okay. I learn so much that way.

Here is how mine came out: