Face Masks and Hand Sanitizer Cover

So we all know what is happening in our world today and those who want or have to use face masks. I will not get into whether they work or not for protection from this virus. I will leave that up to each individual. I did have some requests to make masks, and I found this first one at OkieGirlBlingnThings.com 

As she explains her pattern is a cover for the medical masks. What I did was put a liner inside of the one I made. It is a rectangular mask. But I was not happy with how it puckered and peeked open on the ends. So I found this pattern for an oval one that I like much better at Yarnspirations.com I sewed 2 layers of the material inside and left the right end open for any who want to put a mask filter inside.

And of course we all need a cover for our hand sanitizer, right? I use my small Young Living Thieves Spray instead of sanitizer. So I made the cover a little taller and added a loop to hook onto my purse. I love it. I found the pattern at TheCrochetCrowd 


Comfy Travel Neck Pillow

So I have several traumas in my back and neck from old injuries and if I am traveling or just reclining for my Sunday afternoon nap between church services ;-), my neck needs something to support it. I found this pattern at hearthookhome.com. 

If you can see, it has a button and loop on the ends so you can hook it to slip over the handle of your suitcase while going through the airport.

Crochet Dog Harness

Okay my little Sugar gets very excitable about just about anything, but especially when we go on walks. She was pulling so hard on the leash attached to her collar around her neck that I was afraid of it hurting her to try and get her to stay with me. So I found this free pattern for a harness around her front legs and chest. She really like it a lot better and she even stays with me, and when she gets ahead a little all I have to do is gently tug on the leash and say “Sugar, wait,” and she turns and looks at me and slows down to stay with me. I am so glad I found this pattern at Luvs2Knit.

Ladies Crochet Cowls

I have a couple of free patterns I had found online and made some changes in yarn size, hook size, and beginning chain size to make them a little larger. They did turn out quite pretty I must say.

The first one was a gift for a friend. I had been working on this one for quite some time frogging it several times because it would not come out big enough to wear it like the picture showed. It is the Button Cowl found here.

I used the new yarn Premier Puzzle Size 5 and a J hook. I added my own border as well. This is how mine came out. And of course I had to make some gloves to go with it. I used different, smaller yarn for them. My friend loves both the cowl and the gloves. She can wear it several different ways.

Then there is this one. I had done it and taken it out as well. Pam’s Ombre Cowled Neckwarmer. I got the pattern here. I love how it looks in their picture, but it would not come out like that. But the pattern does say that it has not been tested.

So… Anyway, I ended up using the Premier Puzzle, Tangram size 5 on it as well and J hook on it. I made it with 124 beginning chains instead of 107 because the neck was way too tight. Also, the pattern says to do the chain in multiples of 3, plus 1. But then it has you going into every 4th chain. So I went into every 3rd chain and it worked better. I am thinking now that if I had done that and stuck with the 107 beginning chains it might look more like their picture. The length measures approximately 13″ from the neck down in the front and 12″ in the back, with it folded down. I like how it comes down over the shoulders a little. Sometimes we just have to play with some of the ‘free’ patterns we find, but that’s okay. I learn so much that way.

Here is how mine came out:


Little Girl’s Purple Purse

So, there is this sweet little girl at church who comes with her momma to our ladies prayer group every Sunday. She is so bubbly and happy and she always has a huge hug to say hello whenever I see her. I noticed she seems to like the color purple. So I asked her what her favorite color was and, of course, she said purple. 😉

I had re-designed an old pattern from one of my 1970s Annie’s pattern books from a ladies clutch to a little girl’s purse. I also re-worked a little change purse to go with it.

I am not sure why the color looks more blue in these photos. Maybe it was the lighting in my kitchen or a setting on my iphone camera, but anyway, it is not blue, it is a bright intense purple, with little white flowers on the corners of the flap.

The sweetie pie really loves it and she had lots of thank you hugs for me.

purple girls purse.jpg

girls purse.jpg

girls purple purse.jpg

Crochet Baby Car Seat Cover

Well, it had been a while since I had made one of these, but it came out very nice. These covers are wonderful when you want to take baby out and it’s a windy day.

A friend of mine is expecting a new grand baby soon, but they will not know the gender until the baby is born. What fun! Just like the good ole days!

So she picked out some yarn she thought would work for either a boy or a girl and this is how it came out. I had enough yarn to also make a little beanie and some booties. Isn’t it so adorable? Love it!

Infant Car Seat Cover +.jpg

Crochet Hook Case

There was recently a contest to enter, on one of the crochet fb groups I belong to, and the prize was a very nice crochet hook case with places for all the neat little tools I use. But, I usually do not have much luck winning things. So, I decided to look for a pattern and make one myself.

I found this one that is perfect! It holds 20 hooks. I have also stuck in my darning needle in the middle spot. The designer is Prescilla Hewitt at Prescilla’s Crochet.

I love how it turned out! Don’t you!

outside folded crochet hook case.jpg

inside view of crochet hook case.jpg

Crochet Ladies Poncho and Beret

So I had this work in progress for a few months, and after Christmas I picked it back up again. I love the blue jean yarn in the huge pound skein. I used a little bigger hook and made this poncho a little bigger and cozier, I think.

This will be great for this spring. I almost feel like cuddling up in it on this very cold day of winter. 😉

Throw Me a Kiss Shawl and Some Things I Just Had to Have

After Christmas presents were finished, Marly Bird put out there a wonderful pattern for this Throw Me a Kiss Shawl that I just had to do. It was quite simple and fun. I am not sure where it’s going yet. I may have to try it out for myself. LOL 😉

Then I decided I needed a nice red set of fingerless gloves and a beanie to go with my nice red dress for Christmas church service. And then I needed a beanie to match a cream and brown/tan suit I have. What fun!