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Anna Has a New Store on Scott’s Marketplace!

Please visit and share my new store on Scott’s Market Place. I do intricate, high quality work. Many years’ experience.  Maybe you will find something you like or ask and I can create it for you.❤

Thank you in advance:


Tiny Newborn Beanie and Booties

These were made for a friend who needed a baby shower gift for twin baby girls. They are made from Softee Baby yarn and they are gentle cycle wash or hand wash, and low heat dry or lay flat. I suggest placing the handmade articles in a net bag for lingerie to keep from pilling.

They are for newborns and they measure approximately 13.5″ around for beanie and 2″x1.5″ for booties.

$18.95 per set, so the twin sets are $37.90 includes shipping