Lovely Teal Ladies Cardigan

I found some pretty teal Red Heart yarn on sale at Joann’s right after Christmas and suddenly I had a vision of a teal cardigan from a free pattern I had just seen. Of course, as I was working on that, I had another vision of a nice skirt to go with it. Thank goodness the yarn was still on sale, so I bought up quite a bit of it, just in case I might want a cowl and gloves or something to match. 😉

Here is the finished cardigan. It is made with an easy shell stitch. I also made the buttons as I was not finding any that really matched well. I am nearly finished with the skirt, and will probably model them as a suit to post a pic when I finish.


The Most Wonderful and Busy Time of the Year!

It seems I procrastinate every year until the last month before Christmas. I seem to do best under pressure! ;0)

Here are just a few of the fun things I have been up to. I hope these pics do them justice.

Grape and White Little Girls Fingerless Gloves and Ear Warmer Headband:


Ladies Royal Blue and White Starlight Stitch Slippers:


Little Girls Fingerless Gloves:


Angel Bookmarks:

pink-and-purple-angel-bookmarks blue-and-red-angel-bookmarks


Still Trying to Figure out Video

Hello there. So, I finally made the videos to share here on how to do the basic crocodile stitch to match the red and black bag.


But when I went to upload I found that WordPress does not accept that type of file. When I sought advice in their support forum this is what they said:

Note to post your own videos requires a videopress upgrade unless they are on youtube or another source site that is supported and the videopress support doc location is As a workaround, keep in mind that you can also upload your media to another service like youtube videos and insert it into your posts from there.

The lowest priced upgrade is their business one for $99/year. Not making enough money to do that yet, so I suppose I will try doing it through Youtube.

Baby Boy Hoodie and Cowboy Booties

Okay, I had to get a couple of things finished for another newborn. I think that’s all for a while. 😉

This was the first time I had made one of these hoodie sweaters, and it was somewhat of a challenge to figure out the hood. I give many thanks to Doris at Yarnspirations for clarifying  and embellishing their pattern instructions so I was able to get this done. $30


Also a first for me was these adorable cowboy booties. They turned out quite nicely I think. $20


Message me for your custom orders today. Christmas is a coming!