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Finished Teal Suit

Yes, I finally also finished the teal skirt to go with the cardigan. Here is the entire project.

I apologize that the photo is not better. The skirt is hanging a little crooked on the hanger, but it really is not crooked. LOL

teal-cardigan teal-suit-skirt


Lovely Teal Ladies Cardigan

I found some pretty teal Red Heart yarn on sale at Joann’s right after Christmas and suddenly I had a vision of a teal cardigan from a free pattern I had just seen. Of course, as I was working on that, I had another vision of a nice skirt to go with it. Thank goodness the yarn was still on sale, so I bought up quite a bit of it, just in case I might want a cowl and gloves or something to match. 😉

Here is the finished cardigan. It is made with an easy shell stitch. I also made the buttons as I was not finding any that really matched well. I am nearly finished with the skirt, and will probably model them as a suit to post a pic when I finish.


What I’ve Been Up To

Okay, I know I promised a video to show you how to crochet the crocodile stitch. And, I am very close now. I have the equipment and am figuring it out. So, yes, soon and very soon.

In the meantime, I had an order to fulfill for a Ladies Sweater Vest in Chocolate, size Medium. It is finished, laundered and ready to be delivered. I am posting a pic here that will not do it justice. I am hoping she will let me use her as a model for a pic when she tries it on.